Женщинам Мужчинам Детям
Evolutionary rebranding
Daily Lamoda helps million of people to create their look. Today we reinvent our own. The last year of a decade is the right time. So as the first month of spring.
Empathy, consistency, fashion
We wished to create visual system, that would bring consistency to our products and empathy to the tone of voice. New identity elaborates strong points of current. Lamoda no longer is just about fashion — it is fashion.
The heritage angle
Italic la is the brand's heritage, its exaggerated angle — idea's base: la as vocable, exclamation, emotion.
Revisiting the legacy
We revisited classic patterns of textille industry by which fashion designers are inspired sinсe 20th century.
Two racegoers, 1920
Peggy Moffit, 1960s
Alexander Mcqueen, 2009
Vitalized red
Color palette is based on the associations with the natural materials. Recurrent color is vitalized Red — energetic, yet calm and gender-neutral.
Pale pink
Pale blue
Dark blue
Vitalized red
Remarkable font, ethereal typography
Serif was replaced with modern geometric sans-serif: it is modest, but also remarkable. Typography has become ethereal, with slight italic accents.
CoFo Sans Italic
CoFo Sans Regular
La! The emphathy particle
shuka design team
brand director
Olga Shapoval
Andrei Frankfurt
Eldar Gyzyev
Ekaterina Gladneva
creative directors
Ivan Vasin
Ivan Velichko
art director
Alexander Koltsov
Marina Gaiman
Valentina Lazareva
Konstantin Frolov
Dmitry Okulich-Kazarin
motion designer
Maria Doreuli
Irina Smirnova
typeface designers
Elizaveta Rasskazova
slava team
video production
lamoda team
contrast foundry